Michael's speech made me realize that even in the toughest times you need to look forward because if you work hard enough you can get anywhere in life. The experience has showed me that if I put in the time and effort into something I want to achieve I can achieve it.

Kane Proctor

I think that Mighty in Character means we should work harder for our goals in life. When I grow up I want to get a job, and it's possible because I work for that goal.

Crystal Elliot, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

Auditorium Project

The Foundation will build a multi-purpose auditorium at the Mount Waddy Primary School in Friendship, Jamaica. The space will be used for:

  • Physical Education - Without a suitable indoor space, students may only enjoy Physical Education (P.E.) when the weather is suitable outdoors. However, the auditorium will provide a fantastic facility suitable for P.E. in all weathers, and is intended to improve the health, fitness and well-being of the school's young people.
  • Health Fairs (see Medical Care) - An excellent environment in which to have an approved health care facility to meet the wellness needs of the students and local community. 
  • Graduations - To celebrate achievement with parents and to inspire younger students to aim high.
  • Cultural Activities - A creative space in which to share, demonstrate and celebrate dance, music, theater and art.
"Lead from a place that yields consistent positive results." - Michael A Folkes