Mighty in Character was launched on April 14, 2014 at the Mt. Waddy Primary School. This Foundation was built to help students who attend Mt. Waddy. The Foundation will help the school with financial needs. The day Mighty in Character was launched we were treated with cake and ice-cream. We enjoyed ourselves. They took pictures of us, and we saw ourselves in the newspaper. MIC means a lot to me. It helps to motivate us to build moral values and to develop trust in God.

Sanjay McDonald, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

To me MIC means that I should be on the right track, to study my books and to read and write better. MIC means Mighty in Character. I am a very mighty person in my character. I love to come first in my class. I am a bright girl. I do not want to waste time. MIC also means to do the things that are right and loving. I like to share, and I respect everyone because I am respectful and patient. I am MIC.

Alliyanna Ferguson, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

Medical Care

The Medical Care Initiative will have a number of phases. The Foundation's first phase intends linking with the Auditorium Initiative at Mount Waddy Primary School to use the auditorium as the perfect environment for bringing Health Fairs to the school. Initially, medical professionals from the USA will be attending the fairs providing information and health care for the school's students and the community at large.

However, it is the Foundation's hope that the Health Fairs will provide a model for local health care professionals to continue in the future and that this will utilize local skills and knowledge, improving provision for students to ensure lack of health is not a barrier to learning and achievement.

Before the first phase is implemented the Foundation is seeking further information and relevant permissions.

"A strong mind and body working in synchronicity are a wealth of unlimited resources to unlock your hidden potential." - Michael A Folkes